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Our History and Mission


The Walton Education Foundation is an independent, volunteer-led, public school foundation created to provide additional opportunities to the children of Walton. 

The Walton Education Foundation got its start in 2009, when members of the Walton Central School Board of Education and then Superintendent Thomas Austin, learned about public school foundations at a seminar sponsored by the New York State School Boards Association. 

Public school foundations are becoming a necessary addition to the landscape of public education in the United States as a result of budget cuts and funding dilemmas. 

As these cuts and the accompanying reductions to staffing and programs loomed in Walton, the leadership of the Walton Central Schools embraced the idea of bringing a public school foundation to Walton and went about the business of seeking the right mix of community members to bring the idea to life. 

Over the course of 2011, a group of "drivers" with a variety of skills and backgrounds was brought together and began the work of forming an education foundation in Walton. These drivers have experience in business and education, in addition to being long-time advocates for children and for the community of Walton. 

This group met monthly for the better part of a year,  drafting by-laws, completing the legal paperwork  to be recognized as 501-c(3) non-for-profit organization, brought in numerous advisers to help them navigate the ins and outs of managing a public school foundation, developed a fundraising strategy and marketing materials; built a website, and most importantly identified and brought shape to their first projects and visions. 

In early 2012, the Foundation's directors announced their intentions to grow this sustainable education foundation in Walton. Through a combination of presentations to community members and mailings, the Directors have begun to build momentum and garner support for the Foundation. 

As the Foundation grows, its Directors look forward to seeing Walton's children reap the benefits. Likewise, members and partners of the Foundation will continue to work with the school and community to identify and solve educationally beneficial challenges.  


The mission of the Walton Education Foundation is to enhance and promote learning and excellence in education by providing financial and advisory resources for innovative projects that directly benefit the students, teachers, and collective community of Walton. We have three (3) goals:

1) Provide additional opportunities for the children of our community.

2) Work in cooperation with the school and the community to identify and solve educationally beneficial challenges.

3) Provide the community and Walton alumni the opportunity to continue to support Walton's children.